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Auto Locksmith San Francisco, getting stuck out your home is bad enough.

But with a burglar around your house, in the wee hours of this morning, is even scarier.

There’s nothing as peaceful as going to sleep at night, with reassurance.

Additionally, it helps to know that we are a reliable locksmith company.

We completely understand about protecting your house from burglars, as well as we do about copying a spare key.

At Auto Locksmith San Francisco, we’re available on call all the time.

And also, we have lots of experience helping individuals safely return to their home, office or automobile.

In addition, we got an amazing team of locksmiths.

That will come at your location, in a really fast time, in case of an emergency service.

So, all our skilled locksmiths and technicians regularly attend updating courses to stay updated.

Auto Locksmith San Francisco | Auto Locksmith San Francisco California
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And we have enough experience in the company.

And also, we aren’t just restricted to locks and keys.

At Auto Locksmith San Francisco, we specialize in supplying your house or office, with the most secure surveillance cameras or alarm systems.

With crime rates rising, you can afford to choose an affordable security camera or alarm system.

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Our Locksmith Services include:

  • Auto Locksmith Services
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Lost Key & Lock Replacement
  • Ignition Key Replacement
  • Key Cutting & Key Duplication
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Lock Picking
  • Re-key Locks
  • Mobile Locksmith
  • Garage Door Repair

And also, we provide a set of services, at a really affordable price.

About Auto Locksmith San Francisco - Auto Locksmith San Francisco | Auto Locksmith San Francisco CA | Auto Locksmith San Francisco California
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We use the best technology, and supply emergency check-ups to your office or home, to be certain that everything is in proper working order.

In addition, we work with emergency auto locksmiths.

Which could help pry open that rusty door lock without damaging your car or truck and get you back safely indoors.

So, we are a fully certified and licensed company.

Because we have also managed to build an excellent reputation throughout the years, as we are an honest and reliable company.

So, our customer testimonials and feedback speak volumes about us.

Whether you need to set up a new master lock or have complete control over your workplace, with the best providers on the current market.

We’ll gladly help you!

We’re on call also.

Lastly, get in touch with our friendly customer care staff today.

And find out more about security procedures and products.

The Process Of Our Service:

1.Simply Call Us:

Our friendly office staff will take needed information

Tell us what kind of service you need:

Some popular service types are:

  • Replacement Car Key
  • Car Key Duplication
  • Car Key Programming
  • Locked Out Of Car
  • Locked Out Of Trunk
  • Key/ Ignition Wont Turn
  • Program Car ECU/Computer

More examples of information our staff may need to better assist you:

  • Year/Make/Model of Car
  • Type of Car Key (Remote Key, Push to Start, Slot Key, Remote Key Head, Regular Key)
  • Address of Location
  • Phone Number for Tech To Call You

Please note our phone support staff are not locksmith technicians and therefore they are unable to answer technical related questions or give out pricing information(please refer to pricing page on our website or wait for techs phone call to receive more pricing or technical related information)

2.After Staff Takes Information- A Professional Locksmith Tech Will Call You Right Away:

Technician will review and verify the information the office staff took on your previous call.

Technician will provide you an “ETA” or “estimated time of arrival and answer any further technical questions you have before coming out.

FAQ:  Q:Mobile Or In Store:

A: Since we provide emergency and mobile calls we ask that you schedule an appointment for in store appointment.

However, Did you know that we provide free mobile call outs anywhere within the city of San Francisco CA. So if your in San Francisco already save yourself the trip and get a free mobile call right out to your location at your own convenience.

3. Get The Service Done SECURELY:

Our professional locksmith will get your service done right the first time.

We strive to make our service super convenient and competitive.

When you use your service you should feel like you not only got one of the most competitive rates but that you also got, convenient, quality service as well.

Security Matters: You’re security matters most to us-Don’t trust key making machines or unlicensed companies/technicians that offer low rates but compromise your security by storing your personal information. Turn only to reputable brick and mortar shops that you can trust and turn to to take accountability.

FAQ: Q:What Type of Payment Methods Do We Accept?

A: All Major Credit Cards, Debit Card, Cash and Check.

FAQ: Q: What are the dangers of key duplication kiosks?

A: Kiosks not always deliver reliable quality, they keys they cut may not properly fit your car or lock-which in turn could cause more damage.

Greater dangers are: Key Duplication Kiosks store your information. Kiosks take your address, take your fingerprints,  record your face, record your payment methods. All of this poses a serious security threats and personal information compromisation. For example: Who’s to say they won’t use your fingerprints to frame a crime down the road.

Third Party Selling: They sell your information to a third party. These people who obtain your information most certainly may be unlicensed posing even more security risks to you.

Anyone who gains access to your keys (friends, valets, mechanics, thieves, burglars) — can simply take them to a kiosk and make duplicates. If you’ve emailed your code to friends, there’s nothing to prevent them from sharing it with others. Plus there’s always the danger of someone hacking into the kiosks cloud-based kiosk system and stealing your codes.

More than that if a criminal has your key code information a criminal would do anything to complete that crime in harmful ways to you and your family. That alone should be the reason you should not trust key machines with your sensitive security information.

We’re not the only ones that have concerns with this new key duplication kiosk trend.

Check out this CBS news article and video covering all the need to know risks:

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