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Ignition Won’t Turn?

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It’s common to have problems when ignition won’t turn. The experience is usually very frustrating and time consuming and it can delay you in moving where you want. Therefore, ignition key issues are usually caused by the model of your vehicle or the situation that you’re in.

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Switch issue is related to bad design and cheap quality manufacturing by the manufacturers. Some ignition switches are known to catch fire, so it is best to bear in mind that any malfunction can leave you stranded everywhere.

Is via the Transponder microchip inbuilt within the car key. Thus, altering the ignition switch, which is a professional and complex operation, needs an expert auto locksmith to do the installation. You can’t just take it to the dealership for getting this done as a result of high costs.

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Why does this problem arise? Well, the basic reason is that the ignition assembly is not of the quality that is desired and consequently gets worn out quite fast, leaving you with many glitches. Other experts believe that there’s a design issue that adds to the problem. Generally this sort of a situation arises when the wafers jam the ignition and the cylinder bends, leaving then latched in a position which does not permit them to move.

Check if you are having any of these issues with your car:

  • Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition
  • Sticking ignition
  • Key is dirty after removing or turning
  • Unable to remove the key
  • Key locked in a position
  • Completely ‘jammed’ key

Thus, expert Auto Locksmith San Francisco can do this job efficiently and pay half the price of getting the ignition assembles replaced at a dealership. Various locksmiths manage this problem in their own way but usually fix the ignition but in extreme situations need to replace the ignition and reprogramming it to match the rest of the car locks and the key.

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Brake light and ensure that it’s on. Hence, this is to ensure that you don’t roll away when attempting to turn the key. After ensuring that the lighting is on you should apply some pressure on the key and turn the steering wheel back and forth in order to find a free place to turn the key.

You should avoid using a hammer, steel, or a hard metal object since it is possible to damage the grooves of the key. If the key is currently flat and it still cannot turn, you need to tap it with a hammer while it’s still in the ignition. If you have tried all this and key fails to flip, you should seek the services of a reputable locksmith like Auto Locksmith San Francisco today.

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